Political Talk: Where did Zambia go wrong Part 2:

Political Talk is weekly column where the author discusses politics in Zambia as she sees the situation. This week’s column is a continuation from last week.

Lwanzi Milimo

Lwanzi Milimo

By Lwanzi Milimo

Successful failures

If you were worried about Zambias future after the 2011 election, brace yourself—it’s going to be a lot worse than you imagined.

Right from the start I knew it that Michael’s leadership is a work of comedic fantasy not to be taken serious and so are many of you all these years until you were made to believe Mm’embe’s lies that he peddled daily in his dogma “The Post Newspaper” and now commonly knows as the noisiest PF vuvuzela. To insist that PF is incendiary or inflammatory is living a very unrealistic life. And once more I would call you a traitor to your own race.

PF is proving to be a dictatorial regime that want to hold Zambians at ransom. Dictators don’t care how much is spent on a mission or task, or how much lives are lost. PF does not care how much money is spend on causing unnecessary by-elections and the people that may die out of political violence.

We should not allow this and we will not allow it. Thomas Jefferson said, “The Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.” Others have said that, “Rights can not be preserved until the recipients thereof take the responsibility for their own care.”

That is the premise of this Information. We must at no time show weakness or cowardice where your freedom and democracy is concerned.

PF and Michael Sata have proved to the Zambians that they are successful failures. Yet they seek platforms, stages, and the applause of men because they personally aren’t pleased with themselves. They surround themselves with constant accolades so they can feel better about their failure in their offices.

I call them successful failure for succeeding in duping the people of Zambia and made them believe their lies.

sFinally two thing should always be remembered when we have a situation like what Zambia is facing and experiencing.

First, Dictators don’t live long, they come a time even those that dine and wine with these foolish kings develop conscience.

Second, when things are hard even toothless dogs can bite, do not think that they will always think they will put their tails in their legs.

Be sure that all dictatorship have a sad end.

We love our country and always shall be praying for peace.

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in this article are for author and not Zambian Eye