Police warns UPND against use of Mapatizya formula

Police has warned the opposition UPND against using the Mapatizya formula tactic in the forthcoming by-elections which is associated with violence.

The Police issued the warning Sunday saying it will not tolerate any act of violence during the by-elections. The application of the Mapatizya formula in the forthcoming by-elections is being talked about in the opposition as a way to stop any form of rigging by the ruling Patriotic Front party.

Southern province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga warned that the police will severe deal with those planning to use the Mapatizya formula during the by-election. Mapatizya formula was a tactic used by UPND counter any form of rigging by then ruling MMD during the bloody Mapatizya by-election in Kalomo district in Southern province.

A relative to PF campaign manager for Livingstone by-elections was found dead on Friday and incidence has been linked to politics.

The Police has since announced deployment of police officers in both Livingstone and Mpongwe constituencies which expected to hold polls on February 28, 2013.