Police warn and caution former Ngambela, search his house

The Police in Mongu this morning picked former Batotse Royal Establishment Ngambela Clement Sinyinda after surrounding his house as early as 5am.

And Sinyanda has told Zambian Eye that he has been warned and cautioned.

According to our Correspondent in Western province, the information going round is that they were allegedly looking for some weapons they suspect he was keeping in his house.

“They (Police) went there at 05:00 hours but they only managed to have entry around 07:00 hours,” Our Correspondent said.

The former Ngambela’s house has since been searched by the Police and no weapon was found. Later around 09:00hours, he was taken to Mongu Police station  where he was questioned.

When message went round that Sinyanda had been picked by the Police dozens of his sympathizer flocked to the Police station.

Sinyinda told Zambian Eye just after being released that he had been warned and cautioned. He could not give details as he was engulfed with dozens of his supporters and promised to talk later. Two

Police could not be reached by press time. Details to later…