Police under instruction to arrest me, says Mumba as he is warned and cautioned

Police in Lusaka has warned and cautioned opposition MMD leader  Nevers Mumba for allegedly defaming President Michael Sata.

Police Acting Public Relations Officer Ray Hamoonga confirmed that the MMD leader has been questioned. He said recording of warn and caution statement means that Police will now carry further the investigations on the alleged defamation charge Mumba made when he appeared on a programme hosted by Joy FM last week.

The interrogations took place at Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka and lasted for about 40 minutes. Mumba who arrived at 10:15 am was companied by his wife Florence, some MMD MPs, and his lawyers.

After an interrogation, Mumba told Journalists that he will not be intimidated by schemes to arrest him by President Sata using the police. He alleged that President Sata before leaving the country for New York, he instructed Police to arrest him.

Mumba however charged that he will not be intimidated by the PF regime through arrests and alleged that the regime had a ploy to assassinate him. He denied ever insulting President Sata during the radio programme.

“Let me make it clear that insulting is not in my nature. I’m a Pastor,” Mumba explained. ”I don’t even remember when I last insulted anyone but I will come out whenever there is evil happening in this country to speak out.”

The MMD leader said there was nothing wrong to question the President on many promises he made to Zambians which have turned to be lies.

“I know it’s not right for this President to continue lying to the people of Zambia,” charged Mumba adding that he will not be silenced by the PF regime.

Mumba said the PF was abusing the Police and has vowed that he is ready to pay the highest price to ensure that the freedoms of Zambians are protected. He said as leader of opposition he was obliged to make government accountable.

Mumba said he was aware that he will again be called and be arrested as Police were following the instructions from President Sata.

“ President Sata left instruction to have Nevers arrested before leaving for New York but I want to make it clear to this government that we will not stop speaking for Zambians.” he said.

He explained that the PF has marked two years in government and none of its campaign promise has been fulfilled. Mumba said there is no way people will be silenced by a regime that was not delivering according to its promises.

“It’s now two years and none of those promises President Sata made has come through, if jail and assassination plots is what he will use to intimidate, let him be my guest,” vowed Mumba.

The MMD leader is accused to have defamed President Sata when he appeared on a Lusaka based private owned Radio Station, Joy FM on a programme dubbed Platform.