Police swung into action removes Vendors at Bank in Solwezi

imageA full Combined Police Squad in solwezi this morning swung into action to remove all street vendors trading along Banks, Shoprite and the filing stations.

The team led by North Western Province Commission of Police Eugene Sibote removed all stands belonging to street vendors, while street vendors watched from a distance helplessly as they could not do anything.

Mr Sibote said the decision was arrived at after one of the criminals who where gunned down last week is believed to have been a street vendor trading at one of the Banks.

He added that the operation has been done to safeguard the lives of people accessing bank services.

“You see it is not right that when you are withdrawing money from the ATM and someone is busy staring at you, we feel this was compromising the security of Bankers” Mr sibote explained.

It is believed that one of the criminals killed last week was trading at one of the banks on the mission to spy people withdrawing money with intentions to attack them at night.

Meanwhile Street vendors association chairperson Lewis Kamondo has expressed happiness on the move by the police.

Kamondo has called on vendors to be patient stressing that alternative trading places will be given to them once he meets the municipal council.