Police put on high alert in Mansa

Zambia has put its Police Force on high alert ahead of a by-election in Mansa in Luapula province slated for November 22, 2013.

The once peaceful Southern Africa is experience political violence of late with one death and serious injuries recorded during last week clash between two warring factions of the governing party – PF.

Deputy Minister for Internal Security disclosed Tuesday morning, November 12, 2013 that Police had been put on high alert to prevent in clashes amongst the participating parties. Five parties are contesting the seat which was dominated by the PF while in opposition in 2011.

Stephen Kapyango the Deputy Minister who just returned from Mansa warned those intending to cause problems that Police will not spare them. He said so far the campaigns were going on well.

He also disputed claims by the opposition UPND that it had its candidate beaten during the campaigns.