Police picks 16 in Choma Riot

Residents rioting in Choma's town centre on Lusaka. Livingstone Road outside Spar

Residents rioting in Choma’s town centre on Lusaka. Livingstone Road

Police in Choma the provincial capital of Southern province has apprehended 16 people in connection with the riots that broke out on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

The riots follows the killing of a tax driver recently in Choma.

According to a statement released by Police today (Sunday) the 16 include one person that is believed to have been going round spreading wrong information that the suspects to the taxi driver’s murder had been arrested inciting people to demand that the police hand over the suspect to them.

Of the sixteen people two are female while the remaining fourteen are male.

No formal arrests have since been effected. A screening process is currently on-going for the sixteen people. The Police has promised to give an update.

The riot broke out Saturday afternoon after residents were chased from the Police station that had gone to ‘sort out’ the person in Police custody suspected to be connected to the murder of the tax driver. At this moment the residents decided to riot blocking the main streets with stones, lit some fire in the Roads and stoned some shops forcing the Police to fire teargas canisters.

The situation was only normalized in the evenings.