Police officers stoned as they try to protect GBM’s Congo bound mealli meal truck

POLICE officers were on Sunday evening injured in Kitwe after being stoned by Mindolo Township residents who  wanted to loot and burn a mealie-meal laden truck belonging to Defense Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) which was heading to the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC).
The irate residents wanted to loot the mealie-meal and burn the truck belonging to GBM’ s Arizona company after the driver of the truck registration number ALC 5736 identified as Jonas caused a Road Traffic Accident in the area when he failed to negotiate the corner.
In an effort to save the DRC bound mealie-meal and truck from being looted and burnt, some police officers were injured when the residents stoned them.
One of the eye witnesses, Vincent Mwape said the truck belonging to GBM’s Arizona company heading to DRC with more than 1,500 bags of mealie-meal was almost looted and burnt after the driver identified as Jonas caused an accident when he failed to negotiate a corner.