Police nab five armed criminals after a shoot out in Chipata

POLICE in Chipata District have arrested five people suspected criminals after a shoot out with the police.

The suspects are believed to be involved in a number of criminal activities in the border town.

ZANIS reports that Eastern Province Police Commissioner Grace Chipalila has confirmed the development in an interview in Chipata today. The incident took place yesterday and the suspects were arrested at Chipata golf club.

Ms Chipalila said the suspected criminals were armed and were only disarmed at the time of the arrest.

She noted that the suspects are being held at Chipata Police Station and are been investigated for various criminal activities that they committed. She explained that criminals were using the golf course and club as a hide out and were only arrested after alert police officers sealed the place.

Ms. Chipalila added that the suspected criminals are believed to be behind a spate of criminal activities in the district. She said the suspected used to commit most of the crimes in night while during the day they were found at the golf club.

She stated that the police would only charge the suspects after investigations have been concluded.