Police impound Trucks with suspected stolen Copper

Police in Solwezi, North Western Province have impounded three Volvo trucks belonging to Jama Transport and Farm Enterprises of Ndola which were carrying over 70 tons of Copper ore believed to have been stolen.

North Western Province Police Commissioner, Eugene Sibote said the Volvo trucks registration numbers ACG 8610-ACG337T which was being driven by Saidi Mohammed 6, and ACP 332-ACM 241T driven by Abdulai Mohammed 2 both Somali nationals were intercepted over the weekend along Solwezi-Kipushi border road.

The other Volvo truck registration number  ACP 3903-AHH 1360T belonging to Farm Enterprises was being driven by Abibi Assan aged 49 also a Somali national was carrying copper ore which was concealed in scrap metal.

Sibote also disclosed that the three transporters have been operating without legal documents and had in their possession an expired mineral export permit belonging to the Shama brothers and a forged clearance letter. He said it is believed that the three Volvo tracks which were carrying the Copper ore did not pass through the Kipushi boarder point and this prompted the police to impound them.

Sibote said the three other people have been arrested in connection with the same offense are going to be jointly charged with being in possession of property believed to have been illegally obtained.

In a related development, the police in Solwezi have also arrested three people of Mufumbwe district for being in possession of copper ore believed to have been stolen from Kalengwa Mine and have impounded  a truck registration number ALH 4161 that was used to carry the contraband.