Police fear PF vigilantes

It is shocking and worrying that police are reluctant to deal with PF vigilantes who have injured and maimed opposition members with some of them still lying critically in bed despite medical attention, former Zambia’s ambassador to Japan Joe Mwale has said.

And Mr Mwale has observed that acts of violence by PF vigilantes have reached unprecedented levels and demanded an explanation from PF leaders and the police on why action was not being taken against the violent vigilantes.

A UPND cadre was recently operated on at UTH after being assaulted by PF cadres and is now lying critically in bed at his house in Kanyama as his condition worsens and barely four days ago, MMD die hard youth chairman Bowman Lusambo was assaulted by PF vigilantes using guns, machetes and other weapons but police have not reacted.

Mr Mwale said that harassment of the opponents with an assortment of weapons by PF vigilantes should be roundly condemned by all who meant well for Zambia.