Police arrest 9 PF cadres protesting against Seyuba

NINE PF officials along with 10 others have been arrested for attempting to stage a protest against North Western Province permanent secretary Augustine Seyuba whom they accuse of being inefficient.

According to sources in the North Western Province PF executive committee, the nine who were arrested, among them, the district chairman Yobe Banda, Benson Ngambo, Edmond Chikamba and Gwen Manda had gone to stage a protest at Seyuba’s office yesterday.

“When today came, the group that was called by the SG (secretary general) was supposed to go and meet him in Lusaka so that the issues they have against the PS could be discussed. But they decided to demonstrate. They went to lock up the PS’ office but the police had already heard and they were there in good time and they arrested a group of them,” said the sources.

The sources disclosed that there had been a misunderstanding between Seyuba and the PF structures in Solowezi for a long time now.