Plot scandal: Sata suspends Kabimba’s thug Chumbwe

Mr Chama says the Mr Chumbwe will do republican president Michael Sata a service by stepping down from his position.

Mr Chama says the petition to President Sata by the PF Lusaka province officials to discipline Mr. Chuumbwe is a sign that there is rampant corruption and abuse of office.

He states that there is need for government to show integrity in the way it is fighting corruption in the administration of land.

He adds that it is sad that such allegations are coming from within the party membership.

Mr Chama was commenting on the petition addressed to President Sata by some PF Lusaka province officials accusing PF Lusaka Province Chairperson Geoffrey Chuumbwe of personalizing 31 pieces of land purportedly given to him by the Chongwe district council to share with 24 provincial and six district leaders in Lusaka Province.