Please my wife, stop sleeping with the pastor Malunga

I think you have completely lost it. I don’t mind you having your little flings in Lusaka at his house where his children have the audacity to send me anonymous text messages and use me as a score board each time you are there. But for you to commit adultery in our matrimonial house while our marriage is still subsisting in the full view of our grown up children?
I think you have gone too far in disrespecting me. The self proclaimed Apostle the overseer of a Libala Tabernacle church in Lusaka has also gone too far in his ministerial  attritions. Big mistake! You and him are both ministers of the gospel what you have done is you have desecrated the Alter of God. I am sure you are familiar with  2 Smamuel 12:12
He has now moved in our house exposing me to extreme danger. And what of the trauma to the children? I had a lot of respect for you I never thought that you would sink so low in your life.