Playing victim won’t win HH votes – Kabimba

PLAYING a fake victim to the international gallery will not win Hakainde Hichilema sympathy votes in Zambia, says PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

And Kabimba says Hichilema is the most inconsistent politician in Zambia who has insulted older politicians including Rupiah Banda whom he described as ‘a boy badly brought up.’

Reacting to UPND president Hichilema’s statement that political situation in Zambia was deteriorating due to dictatorship and poor governance by the PF administration, Kabimba said Hichilema and MMD leader Nevers Mumba were showing complete lack of knowledge.

“To me they are extremely academic over this matter. They have no idea of what dictatorship is”or what an authoritarian country is but the day they will come across authoritarianism, that is when they will understand this matter. Anyway there is nothing more dangerous than showing that you are more knowledgeable yet you are ignorant,” Kabimba said.