Plasma Thief Gets 3 Years

A NDOLA magistrate’s court has sentenced a 42-year-old man to three years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing a plasma television.

Magistrate Easton Kafunyi sentenced Kelvin Mbewe of 504 Twapia Township in Ndola to 36 months in jail with hard labour for burglary and theft.

Mbewe and another accused person Martin Zulu, 43, on August 13, this year, jointly and while working together broke into and entered Ernest Kamanu’s house on 150 Chibwe Crescent and stole a plasma television set worth K5,400.

Mbewe admitted committing the offence while Zulu denied the charge.

He then checked his house and found that his television was missing and he decided to report the matter to Kansenshi Police Station.

The two accused were arrested after they were found with the plasma television set.

When the two appeared before Mr Kafunyi on Friday last week for trial, Mbewe admitted to the charge.

Mr Kafunyi convicted him of the charge.

“I regret what I have done and I am asking the court to be lenient,” Mbewe said in mitigation.

Mr Kafunyi sentenced Mbewe to 36 months in jail with hard labour while trial for Zulu would take place on a later date.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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