Plane fails to take off from Ndola due to Zesco load shedding

Proflight flight PO 305 trying to take off Sunday evening
A pro-flight plane to Lusaka this evening (Sunday June 30) failed to take off from Ndola airport after Zesco switched off power at the airport
The Ndola airport runway has been plunged into total darkness following Zesco load shedding leaving passengers, journalists and government officials on an 18:20 pm last flight to Lusaka stranded.
Ndola city is currently the busiest town in Zambia as it is hosting the International Trade Fair. But that is not important enough for Zesco. They just switched off power on Sunday evening leaving almost the entire city in darkness. But the switching off of power would have led to a serious accident at Ndola Airpot.
Proflight flight PO 305 tried to take off at 18:30, ten minutes late but failed to take off as ZESCO suddenly switched off power in the so-called load shedding.