Pilato of the ‘bufi’ song nominated for big brother show

Musician Pilato who did the now famous ‘bufi’ song will be Zambia’s representative for this year’s big brother television show in South Africa.
Pilato and Peterson released a controversial hit song entitled BUFI  (lies) a few days ago.
Pilato, whose real name is Chama Fimba ( 29 years old) won the best poetry Ngoma Award in 2010, for his Poetry book, “Impressions.”
In the hits Bufi, Petersen and Pilato sing about broken promises like cheap fuel, construction of roads and job opportunities for young people. Singing in Bemba, Petersen says all were lies as people are still sleeping in dirt.
Boza, bufi, ulabeja, wenye are some of the recurring words in the song that traces the lies certain politicians uttered while campaigning for power. He said you were lying Tata. You promised cheap fuel; you said you will construct roads but you were lying as people are still sleeping in tunnels.