Phiri urges men not to ‘poach’ Catholic nuns

CHIPATA Diocese Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin Phiri has advised men against ‘poaching’ women from among Catholic nuns.

Delivering a sermon during the Silver Jubilee for about eight Good Shepherd Sisters at St John’s Parish in Katete on Saturday, Bishop Phiri said some people have lost fear for blessed things and people that were following religious life.

He said some people, instead of going to look for women in compounds and villages, go to (Catholic nuns) convents.

“This is poaching; if animals are in a restricted game management area and you get a gun and say ‘I am going to hunt animals’ and you are going to a restricted area”that’s when you hear that some people have been arrested by ZAWA officers. Some people have lost fear. Now because of being human, even the anointed ones, maybe they also have some desire for earthly things, they end up succumbing,” he said. Bishop Phiri urged people following religious life to be true to their vows.

“Let’s commit ourselves to prayer.