PF’s ‘Vuvuzela’ Chanda now accuses students of being sponsored

UNZA students protesting at Mass Media Complex in Lusaka

UNZA students protesting at Mass Media Complex in Lusaka

Sunday Chanda the ruling Patriotic Front vuvuzela heading a Non Governmental Organization called Open Society Foundation has accused the students at the University of Zambia of being sponsored to demonstrate.

Chanda according to ZNBC claims that the demonstrations against the removal of mealie meal and fuel  subsidies witnessed the last two days are stage managed and sponsored by the opposition. He says the demonstrations are carried on by just a clique of sponsored students to paint a UNZA students protest 1bad image to the PF government.

The students have been demonstrating and have since give government a three day ultimatum to rescind its decision of removing subsidies in mealie meal and fuel as it will result in high cost of living.

In the morning UNZA students stormed the Radio station within Campus and attempted to hound Chanda who was a guest on Lusaka Star programme. Chanda was only served by the riot police who whisked him from the Radio station.

Chanda has always sided with the ruling party in all his statements that are widely covered by the government owned and controlled media.