PF Youths Angry over Promised Jobs

Scores of youths in Lusaka are upset with the Patrotic Front (PF) government for duping them out of jobs under the ring road project in Lusaka.

The youths interviewed complained that the PF had put in a condition that Shimizu, a Japanese firm that is constructing the roads around Lusaka city, must employ people through PF ward councilors.

Zambia Reports spoke with a number of youths around Kamwala South who said it was irregular for Shimizu to employ people though politicians.

“This is why we have been cheated by these people. They promised us jobs, but when the jobs such as these, which are not even full time and the salary is small, they want to employ their cadres. How can you run a country like this? We all cannot be PF members. Zambia is our country and we need to benefit from it equally. Its not just for the PF and those who are closer to the PF,” said Justin Tembo, a job seeker from Chawama Township.