PF won’t collapse even after President Sata’s tenure – Inonge Wina

Patriotic Front (PF) national chairperson Inonge Wina has refuted assertions suggesting that the ruling party will collapse after President Micheal Sata completes his tenure of being its leader.

Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has been recently quoted in the media to have allegedly predicted that the PF risks disintegrating and crumbling should President Sata not run for a second term.

Ms. Wina has however maintained that the ruling PF is not a one man party that it would collapse after President completes his constitutional tenure of being leader of the party.

Ms. Wina who is also Gender Minister notes that the ruling PF still remains strong at both grassroots level as wells at the higher party structure level across the country.
Ms. Wina has also maintained that the membership of the party still remain committed to paying allegiances to President Michael to lead and direct the path in which the PF ought to go as it governs the country.

She has further noted that President Sata has a vision for the party and to develop the country.

The PF national chairperson was speaking to Qfm in an interview.