PF will not die after Sata – Mulongoti

MIKE Mulongoti says PF will not die after President Michael Sata.

In an interview, after the launch of his new political party called People’s Party whose motto is ‘Let the people rule’, Mulongoti said there were still men and women in the party to keep President Sata’s vision burning.

Former finance minister Jonas Shakafuswa last week said PF will have a leadership crisis after President Sata.

But Mulongoti said; “President Sata, you say is PF and without him PF die, I do not think so. There are enough good men and women to keep President Sata’s vision burning. Unless they want to disintegrate, what happens in a political party or institution is that there is growth to a certain point after that there must be transformation, meaning that we accept new leadership to take over.”

Asked to comment on succession crises in political parties, Mulongoti who is the interim president of the PP said in a democracy, succession could not be imposed.

“It can only be through elections.