PF will continue being rejected everywhere – Msoni

A  political activist, Nason Msoni, says that the PF will continue to be rejected everywhere not just in Eastern Province but nation-wide for the obvious reasons that the leadership continues to demonstrate utter contempt and disregard for the electorate.

Msoni told Zambian Eye in an interview Tuesday, September 10, 2013 that the style of leadership being exhibited by PF was distancing the government from the electorate.

”Arrogance and use of unbridled insults when referring to other tribes, name calling and accusing every body criticizing them to be failed politicians, misinformed political belligerence whose talk and language only helps alienate them further from the electorate,” said Msoni.

Msoni also noted that pomposity and misplaced elitism has eaten a better part of the Patriotic Front (PF) humility in their new found political fortune which appears to have side-tracked and sucked their capacities of reasoning to the extent that they have dangerously slumped into their own world of luxuries. He said the leadership has forgotten their passionate campaign messages and promises which largely remains unfulfilled nearly 24 months in government.

The little that the Zambians had before the exit of the MMD has been ruthlessly curtailed and taken away to by-elections.

” Our people had access to food and agriculture subsidies and in just a flash lost everything in less than 24 months of the PF government, ” said Msoni.

To date, the people have not had a clear and honest explanation from the President and the PF leadership. Hospitals have become death traps and are lacking all the basics necessities to save lives.

He expressed that their leadership just grabs unaccounted for state resources with impunity and fly-out to treat themselves in ultra-modern expensive hospitals abroad. People are able to see through this heartlessness of their leadership.

Msoni further explained that  tribalism and nepotism has become a norm rather than unexceptional under this government. This is the worst form of tribalism we have seen and witnessed under President Sata’s government than any other previous Zambian governments.

” It is therefore callous and political mischief to expect to be voted for,  given this shameless act being openly perpetuated by a man in-whom Zambians had put so much faith and trust, which tragically he has betrayed with impunity,” said Msoni.

He said the unfolding electoral victories registered by the opposition during the recent by-elections confirms the assertion that the PF no-longer commands public confidence and trust of the people.

Msoni has since called for fresh elections to give the country a new direction and a more responsive leadership that can address pertinent issues affecting the majority of the  people.