PF victory will finish off UPND in Lukulu – Scott

VICE-President Dr Guy Scott says a victory for the PF in Lukulu West will completely finish off the UPND in the area.

And Vice-President Scott says in terms of parliamentary seats, the PF government is the weakest party to have ever ruled Zambia.

In an interview after his campaign trail in Lukulu West, Vice-President Scott said the victory for the PF would badly damage the UPND’s credibility.

“This election will completely finish off the UPND. It will badly damage the credibility of UPND,” said Vice-President Scott.

He said he was optimistic that the PF would win the Lukulu West seat.

“I am pretty sure we are taking this seat unless someone thinks I am a very good liar. People are very isolated, we need to put honestly applied resources into Lukulu West, it has never happened before,” he said.

Vice-President Scott said the people of Mitete district have been cheated with money meant for their schools, clinics and fertiliser inputs.