PF squabbles affecting development – Kafue UPND

The UPND in Kafue is seriously worried at the lack of political will to upgrade the Kafue feeder roads,   Party Publicity Secretary for the District Everisto Kawaga Pensulo has said.

Pensulo has told Zambian Eye that the unattended Roads in Kafue and many other parts of the country is making it difficult for people who transport their produce to markets.

“The roads are so impassable that if nothing is done before the onset of rains people will face a lot of difficulties. With the late delivery of agricultural inputs, it will even be a nightmare for the farmers whose main livelihood is agriculture,” Pensulo said on Thursday, October 3, 2013.

He said the Area Member of Parliament Obvious Mwaliteta who is also Central Province Deputy Minister recently commissioned earth moving equipment which is just lying idle rusting somewhere in some garage instead of being used to upgrade the road to some gravel standard at least.

“We wonder whether that’s how a government for the poor as they call themselves should operate,” he charged. “ They seriously have no plan for Kafue District.”

Pensulo said It is surprising that instead of working to better the lives of people the PF are just embroiled in succession wrangles.