PF spending K6 billion on Ministers explaining subsidies says Fr. Bwalya’s ABZ party

Fr Frank Bwalya’s Alliance for Better Zambia  (ABZ) party  has alleged that the Patriotic Front- PF- government has spend over K 6 billion to send Members of Parliament -MPs- and Ministers to go out and explain the removal of subsidy.
ABZ said in a statement that it does not make logical sense for the Patriotic Front -PF- government to spend such colossal sums of money just to go and explain a programme.
It says the money that is used could have instead be used to support subsidies for the next three years. ‘
“it does not make logical sense for the PF government to spend K6 billion on MPs and Ministers that President Michael Sata has sent out to explain subsidy removal when this amount could carter for subsidies for three year,” reads the statement.
President Sata recently directed all Ministers to go out and explain the removal of subsidies to people around the country.
There have been mixed reactions over the removal of the subsidies with most donor and international community supporting the move while the opposition and some Civil Society Organsiations-CSO- have strongly opposed the move.
Among those that have opposed the move is a group of CSOs who have since declared ;Black Friday’ in protest of the move.