PF should admit that Chikwanda’s budget has collapsed-Nawakwi

Opposition FDD leader Edith Nawakwi says Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda must be bold and admit that his first PF national budget has burst.
Ms Nawakwi said Mr. Chikwanda must go back to Parliament and present a fresh mini budget and admit that his budget has collapsed mid-way through the financial year.
She said the removal of subsidies on fuel and food was a sinister move aimed at raising additional funds outside the national budget.
“What we have here is a situation where my elder brother at Finance has burst his budget and he has to look elsewhere for additional financing mostly to finance programme that were unbudgeted for such as new districts and bye elections,” Ms. Nawakwi said.
Mrs. Nawakwi observed that the removal of subsidies will send many Zambian families into poverty.
“People will not eat GDP, people want affordable food. You cannot postpone your hunger because somebody wants to build roads and bridges.