PF regime accused of plotting to send people with disabilities to villages

For immediately release

12th February, 2013

We have learnt in disbelief that Dr. Silwimba the Director General of Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities and Dr Katema- Minister in charge of Community Development, Mother and Child Health have put up a secret repatriation program that will see all Persons with disabilities taken to the villages, were there are no services to help them lead decent and dignified lives.

I strongly condemn this gross encroachment of fundamental human rights of Persons with Disabilities by the government.

The government as signatory to UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities has the mandate to provide for social, economic, cultural and political rights of Persons with disabilities. The planned act is therefore contrary to mandate. I would wish to remind the government that we will not tolerant such disempowerment of Persons with Disabilities and infringement of our human rights.