PF Police seal-off venue for UPND Chawama rally

Large numbers of PF police and PF cadres this morning sealed the planned venue for the opposition UPND in Chawama as early as 05:00 hours.
The police were able to find man-power despite earlier claiming that they would not have sufficient man-power for the rally.
The cancellation of the UPND rally comes barely a few days after Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba cheated the American government that the dictatorial PF regime was not stopping anyone from holding meetings.
UPND wanted to hold the rally in order to explain to the people the consequences of the removal of various subsidies that have pushed the prices of essential commodities high.
Ailing dictator president Michael Sata himself addressed a rally of his ministers at State House but does not want other people such as opposition parties and civil society organisation to also go and explain the measure to the people.
And UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma confirmed that the rally would not go ahead.