‘PF plans to extend elections from 2016 to 2019′

By Henry Mando

Have you wondered why President Michael Sata is in a hurry to ‘buy’ off opposition Members of Parliament MPs through bye-elections ?

The reason is that he wants to change the constitution by increasing the Presidential term from 5 years to 8 years. If it goes through, the next election will be held in 2019 and not 2016.

Mr Sata is on record in 2008 for demanding that had he won the presidential bye election, he was going to serve 5 years until 2013 instead of the remaining 3 years up to 2011.

So all those bracing for elections in 2016 are in for a shock. It looks like we are headed for 6 more years of PF Tyranny. Mr. Sata is bent on recouping the lost years when he was bypassed by Levy P Mwanawasa for the presidency in 2001.

Don’t say we never warned you.