PF Officials From Kabimba’s Village Accuse ECZ Of Being A Mouthpiece For Opposition

Some ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Officials  from Wynter Kabimba’s Village have accused the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) of being a mouthpiece for the opposition parties in the country.

The PF Officials wondered how ECZ was raising eyebrows against PF instead of the opposition to complain themselves.

This follows ECZ complaint that ZNBC was abrogating the electoral law by allowing PF to broadcast a longer than stipulated political advert as stipulated by the law.

The concerns have not gone well with the PF leadership who seem not to agree with ECZ’s concern. PF Chief Executive Officer who is also the Country’s Justice Minister Kabimba described the ECZ’s concern as mischievous. He charged that ECZ is not a supervisor of the National Broadcaster, ZNBC to start cautioning it for airing a longer documentary.

The PF Chief Executive Officer who is also Justice Minister said the party paid for the advert.
But ECZ Acting Spokesperson, Sylvia Bwalya said it is worrying for Kabimba who is Justice Minister to allege that the Commission acted outside its mandate to caution ZNBC on the length of the political advert. She explained that section 109 (1) of the Electoral Act provides that the electoral commission shall in order to promote free, fair and orderly elections issue by statutory instrument , an Electoral Code of Conduct and any other codes as it may consider necessary.

Bwalya reiterated that the Commission acted within its power to caution the National Broadcaster on the duration of the PF advert. She added that the Commission has on previous record summoned and reprimanded public media houses for certain productions and publication immediately upon the commencement of the 2011 general elections.