PF must stop the in-fighting, charges Bishop Chihana

Lusaka prominent clergy Bishop Simon Chihana has called for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to stop the in-fighting that has rocked the party as leaders position themselves to succeed President Michael Sata.

Bishop Chihana said this in a press statement to Zambian Eye. Below is the statement in full.

The levels of the infighting has reached in the ruling party is attracting such unneeded attention from the outside party lines and this is not very good for governance of the nation.

As much as we appreciate the fact that, where people are there will always be some differences in looking at things but where it now reaches shedding of blood and property damaging, this is uncalled for and can easily be judged that a solution has failed to come through.

As a church we have failed to keep silent because now it is clear that the political differences in the ruling party are big and real and therefore we feel duty bound to ask the Patriotic Front party to serious sit down and examine the happenings and work on their way forward.

Currently what it means is that, PF has opened up so much to its political opponents to be penetrated and possibly be weakened in their daily ministrations.

Our word to the whole PF leadership is that, since Zambians gave the mandate to them to rule for this five (5) years, it is therefore just noble for them all that they stand behind their party president who is also our republican President, Mr. Sata until he finishes his term. Leading and governing a nation is such a big mammoth responsibility to handle by any measure and therefore requires strong support first from the party household and prayers from believers because the Head of State looks after the welfare of the nation and its people on behalf of God.

We all know that a house divided cannot stand and this simply means that if a head of a family in a home is not receiving support from his wife and children in the efforts of home management and up keep, the possible thing is that, the family is likely to break and expose themselves to their enemies outside. Unity is paramount in any given grouping to achieve the intended goals.

Moreover, President Sata formed Patriotic Front party and invited others to come aboard,  therefore this means that he must be given full support by those the in the party and any undermine of his leadership will lead to destruction. A man cannot build his house with the help of his friends and not be allowed to sleep in it, let President Sata enjoy the ‘house’ he built to the maximum of the term.

Our observation is that, some of the ruling party senior officials do not want to show open solidarity for their party president and this clearly shows that they could possibly be having different positions and some of them are demonstrating the behavior of those who like sharing property before the owner gives it away.

What PF must know is that, if they don’t have an enemy inside then an enemy outside cannot hurt them and cannot hurt their party president.