PF must present a pro-poor 2014 budget – Luanshya residents

By Correspondent in Luanshya

Some Luanshya residents have urged the PF government to come up with a pro-poor 2014 national budget and not one that will just be in favour of the rich and powerful in society.

Many of the residents talked to in Luanshya, by Zambian Eye, said the PF government should ensure that the 2014 national budget addresses most of the concerns of the poor Zambians.

“It is the majority poor Zambians who put the PF in power, so as the Minister of Finance will be unveiling the 2014 national budget, we expect the PF  to look into critical issues such as job creation, Health, Education and so forth and so on,” said Sydney Mubanga  a tax drive.

Mubanga said the PF government should also put more money in the Agriculture sector to ensure that more food is produced in the country.

Another resident Ireen Mambwe, a teacher said she expects government to get more money from the Mining firms which were making huge sums of finances at the expense of poor Zambians, in form of taxes.

“I think the government should heavily tax the mines, instead of getting more taxes from private citizens who were earning very little,” she said.

She added  that if government was serious it can even introduce the windfall tax on the mines, and channel this money to serious developmental projects such as constructing roads, building clinics, and many more other things that can be essential to peoples’ wellbeing.

“We hope, this government is going to listen to the peoples’ cries,” she said.

She further advised the government not to allocate more funds on bye- elections as it has been observed of late.

“ We want to see more money going into developmental programmes and not , unnecessary by- elections, the by-elections that we have witnessed from the time the PF came into office have been a drain to the national coffers,” she added.

Next Month, Alexandra Chikwanda is expected to unveil the 2014 national budget.