PF members maligning Chuumbwe won’t manage – Tayali

SOME Lusaka provincial PF members trying to malign Geoffrey Chuumbwe will not manage to bring him down, says Chongwe PF district chairman Wiseman Tayali.

And Chuumbwe’s name is only appearing once on a list of offers given to people interested in developing plots in Chongwe’s Silverest area.

Commenting on allegations that Chuumbwe, who is Lusaka Province chairman, has personalized 31 Silverest plots given to him by the district council to distribute to 24 provincial and six leaders in Lusaka, Tayali yesterday said Chuumbwe was never involved in the process.

“It is not true and at no time did Chuumbwe got involved in this process, and those people making these allegations are sponsored by some PF Lusaka provincial officials who want to bring Chuumbwe down. But they won’t manage it because we PF members on the ground are too strong to succumb to such mischievous activities,” Tayali said.