PF may go the MMD way – Kabimba

The Patriotic Front government risk being voted out of power just like the MMD, Party’s General Secretary Wynter Kabimba has warned.

Commenting on PF cadres grabbing of people’s land and evil attacks on innocent citizens, Kabimba said the PF was now behaving like MMD and warned that if top leadership do not speak loud and condemn such acts the party was headed out of government. He said PF was is not any special to other parties that the people of Zambia would not vote it out.

Kabimba said inflicting hurt on the people should not be allowed by PF if it is to survive saying was what made the people of Zambia to get fed up of the MMD and hence their resort to vote it out in 2011.

The PF General Secretary whom cadres have been demonstrating against asking him to resign his position was speaking when he addressed party officials in Mumbwe district of Central province on October 5, 2013.

There have been reports of PF cadres grabbing land from rightful owners, the situation last week that ended up into riot when the Police tried to intervene. Over 300 cadres were arrested. The cadres have also been attacking people and political parties they perceive to be critical of the ruling party.