PF losses signpost of lost leadership confidence – Msoni

Nason Msoni

Nason Msoni

PF losses are clear signpost of lost confidence in the leadership and governance style of the country by the electorate, a political activist Nason Msoni has observed.

Commenting on the PF loses in the recently held by-elections, Msoni also warned that the failure to accept and remedial those failings is going to spell doom for the Michael Sata lead administration.

“As political practitioner’s our view point is that; The president should outgrow his tribalism and begin acting as a nationalist and statesman as he does not expect other regions to continue voting for his political party which appears to be exclusive in its appointment to plum government positions,” Msoni told Zambian Eye.

Msoni who at one time contested the MMD presidency further observed that failure by President Sata to address the nation on issues affecting the citizenry gives un impression of ingratitude and disrespect for the electorate. He said the public expects the Head of State to be proactive as opposed to being seen only during campaigns and funerals respectively.

He pointed out that the failure to stamp his authority on wrangles ravaging his party creates a caricature of a very weak and feeble leader incapable of managing his own backyard party.

“The fact that his own cronies in the party want to top him creates fear and despondence in the nation,” he said. ” The carefree attitude and reckless mouthing of his party functionaries are a put off. Name calling and attacking the social status of fellow citizens is seldom good politics that wins public confidence.”

Msoni said true leaders are humble servants of the people irrespective of their financial standing.

“The unabated violence encouraged, tolerated and supported by the top leadership of the party is a complete disgusting behaviour the Zambian electorate cannot accept,” observed Msoni.

He also said the continued misuse of public funds on protracted senseless litigations which amount merely to legal mischief when hospitals are lacking vital lifesaving equipment and drugs is a source of consternation on the priorities of the PF government.

Msoni recalled that the PF when in opposition made a lot noise over single sourcing and yet today they are the worst abusers of “this worrisome system of procuring of goods and services.”

He added; “Indiscipline by Cabinet Ministers and their deputies go unpunished as the Head of State largely remains un absentee landlord. It is out of character for public servants to engage themselves publicly in lewd acts and shamelessly continue saving in government. This behaviour points to moral bankruptcy in the leadership of the country.”