PF Leadership must be held responsible for the murders of their cadres – Nawakwi

Leader of the opposition party – FDD has charged that the entire Patriotic Front Central Committee must be held accountable for the brutal murders of their cadres during Thursday’s clashes between the two PF rival factions.

Edith Nawakwi says all the bloodshed that spill out could have been avoided if the President Michael Sata and his PF Central Committee had provided the necessary leadership by decisively dealing with the divisive Wynter Kabimba issue.

“Instead of addressing the persistent calls and petitions to have Wynter Kabimba dismissed as PF Secretary General, the PF Central Committee has decided in their usual ‘Don’t Kubeba’ fashion to turn a blind eye to the war within their own Party,” Ms. Nawakwi said in a statement to Zambian Eye.

“After failing to create jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youths, The PF have resorted to hiring the youths as tools of violence to settle their own leadership struggles.”

Ms Nawakwi has called on President Michael Sata to stamp his authority by disciplining his Vice President, Guy Scott for what she called continuously issuing divisive and provocative statements that him (Scott), Kabimba and President Sata are the ‘A Team’ and the rest of the PF members are second class members.

She has since conveyed her deepest condolences to the bereaved families adding that it is FDD prayer that this tragedy will not repeat itself.