“PF is right on subsidies”

By JC Chinode

I think the Patriotic Front (PF) government is right on the subsidies score.

It reminds me of when Second President Frederick Chiluba introduced the Structural Adjustment Programs. A lot of people suffered in the process, some have never recovered from it. But the overall benefit of privatization and business mindedness of the Zambian people is very beneficial to Zambia.

Zambians have become entrepreneurs as a result of that Shake UP by former president Chiluba. It is time for us to work hard for our own food and fuel while the government builds infrastructure to enable us to become richer.

Give PF a chance to roll out these programs and you will see the benefits. Zambia will have money to build better highways, improve railways, build schools, stock hospitals with medicines because there is more money to go round.

Let us hold them accountable.