PF is not inducing by-elections, says Sata

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says the PF is not inducing parliamentary by-elections.

And Caritas Zambia director Samuel Mulafulafu says diocesan caritases should refuse to be party to the scandal of by-elections by not getting involved in monitoring them.

President Sata, who described the claims of inducement as idle and trivial speculation urged those criticising the concept of by-elections to be clear-headed and honest when expressing their views.

“Our Constitution is clear on the circumstances and procedures under which parliamentary or local government by-elections are permissible. And all registered political parties are at liberty to exercise their constitutional right to participate in any subsequent contest that might arise,” President Sata said.

“Therefore, as an administration devoted to the rule of law, we find this deliberate attempt to debate democracy and its price, mischievous and time-wasting.