PF is being casual on Nurses’ strike – Fr. Bwalya

Frank Bwalya

Frank Bwalya

Opposition Alliance for Better Zambia has condemned what it terms casual and careless manner in which the Patriotic Front government has handled the grievances of nurses and local government workers which has resulted in strikes.

Nurses, other medical staff and workers from the local government (Council) have gone on strike.

“We call upon all well-meaning Zambians to condemn the reckless approach by the PF-led government,” ABZ leader Fr. Frank Bwalya said ”It is this unforgivable approach which is responsible for the on-going strike which has deprived our citizens of much needed medical care and social services provided by the local government.”

Fr. Bwalya has urged the government to wake up and maturely address the grievances of Nurses before more lives are lost in government health institutions.

He said Zambians should not wonder why those in government have taken a causal approach in this matter. “It is because they can afford medical care at expensive private hospitals including those abroad. Moreover, they have no problem accessing their salaries and other allowances to afford better services. None of these people get their salaries delayed even for a day,” he said.

The ABZ leader said when the government leaders finish their short term of office, they are paid huge sums of money as gratuity without delay.

“So they do not know the suffering of a poor civil servant and our jobless citizens,” Fr. Bwalya charged. “Against this background, we call upon all citizens to stand up and demand quick intervention by government to avert a crisis in the health sector.”