PF has not fulfilled its by-election promise – Mpongwe residents


PFcandidate for Mpongwe

PFcandidate for Mpongwe

By A Correspondent

Some Mpongwe residents have complained that the PF government has failed to fulfill its promises of bring development to the area.

The residents said during the recently held parliamentary by-elections the PF promised to work on the Mpongwe –Machiya road, if their candidate Gabriel Namulambe won the elections, but that has not been done up to now.

“We wonder why , the PF government has not delivered most of its campaign promises to the area they promised to work on the Mpongwe –Machiya road but up to now nothing is happening,” said Royd Kabwe.

Kabwe said people of Mpongwe were so expectant to see to it that the PF government delivers all its promises to them.

“If they don’t do so, 2016 is not very far,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from, Mr Namulambe who is the area MP failed as his phone went unswered.