PF has no clear cut policy on decentralization says Nawakwi

Edith Nawakwi who is perceived to be pro-ruling PF but heads opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has joined others seeking clarity of policy by President Michael Sata’s government.
Nawakwi, an ex-Finance Minister in the MMD regime has told QFM, a Lusaka based private owned Radio station that the PF government’s mode of decentralization needs a clear cut policy. She explains that there is need for government to seriously plan and begin to ensure that much more attention is paid to the decentralization policy if Zambians are to benefit in all corners of the country.

The FDD leader whose party policy is to take decision-making to the people in districts points that the concept of decentralization being advanced by the PF government would continue to suffer more setbacks if councils were not closely monitored.

She observes the need to make sure there are functional administrative centres to make the system effective and efficient.

Nawakwi explains that if not seriously taken and explained to authorities at district and provincial levels, President Sata’s pronouncements risk yielding positive results as anticipated by the people who voted for him and his PF party in 2011 polls.

She has since called on the Ministry of Local government and Housing to ensure that all local authorities are given clear instruction on how monies  are supposed to be used.

The FDD said this in an interview with QFM in Lusaka.