PF has learnt from MMD’s downfall – Shamenda

LABOUR minister Fackson Shamenda says the PF and its government will never abuse public resources as they have learnt serious lessons from the MMD’s downfall.

During the PF Copperbelt fundraising golf tournament at Nkana Golf Club in Kitwe on Saturday, Shamenda said manipulating the poor and abusing public resources led to destruction.

He said the priority of the PF and its government was to attend to the needs of the majority poor while delivering on its promises of creating wealth and enhancing infrastructure development.

Shamenda said President Michael Sata had made it clear to ministers and party officials that public resources should never be used for party activities.

“The PF government believes that there should be a distinction between the resources of government and the resources of the party. The resources of government under the PF go directly to development and the resources of the party are generated by the party itself.