PF has failed to perform to people’s expectations – Church Mother Body

President Sata in his Office with his Vice, Guy Scott

President Sata in his Office with his Vice, Guy Scott. The PF marked two years in office, September 22, 2013

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) says the Patriotic Front has not performed to expected standards during its two years in government.

EFZ Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza has told Qfm in an interview says the Patriotic Front government has not been sensitive to the social needs of the people pointing to the high unemployment levels in the country.

Reverend Mwanza says the PF Government’s figures on employment creation are not realistic. He says the PF should ensure that they come up with tangible projects that reflect job creation for everyone to see.

He adds that issues of development have not been well coordinated by the PF government stressing the need to have a well coordinated development programme that is aligned to a certain vision so that there are no unplanned projects shooting up without coherence.

Rev. Mwanza notes that the removal of subsidies is also taking away more money from the people wondering whether the removal of subsidies will yield the intended results.

The EFZ Excutive Director further states that government should in its third year in office avoid unnecessary by-elections which have proved to be a drain on public resources.

He says government should instead focus on poverty alleviation.