PF govt tells International Watch Group to go to hell

Gay couple after they were arrested by Police

Gay couple after they were arrested by Police. Photo: Daily Mail

The Zambian government has told off an International watch group to go to hell and mind its own business.

Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu has told the watch group not to interfere with the country’s internal matters. This was after the group demanded that goverment stops prosecuting a Kapiri homosexual couple who were caught in the act recently.

Lungu who is one of the Senior Ministers in the current regime lead by Michael Sata commonly known as King Cobra because of his sharp tongue has made it clear that Zambia is a no go area for homosexuals.

The Southern African country has been rocked in debate with some sections of the society including the Catholic Church calling for the respect of the rights of people practicing homosexual.

By Derricks Mwendafilumba