PF govt orders new color for Buses, Taxis

Government has announced a new color code for passenger service vehicles.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Deputy Minister for transport and communications Colonel Panji Kaunda announced that all passenger service vehicles will be painted with an orange line of ten centimeters across the body.

Col Kaunda said operators who own more than 30 passenger public service vehicles will be at liberty to seek exemption from the director of Road Transport and Safety Agency to adopt their own corporate color.

He also said taxis will be required to be fitted with a taxi illuminating lamp and will also be mandated to display the taxi fleet code.

Col Kaunda how said that luxury buses and coaches will be exempted from the new requirements.

He however noted that passenger public vehicles painted blue will be given a grace period of one year to move to the new color from date of effect which will be announced later within the month after clearance at the ministry of Justice by the minister of transport, works, supply and communications minister.

Col Kaunda explained that the changes are to curb pirate taxis which have grown to levels that have led to recent protests from those that are duly licensed.


He has since appealed to all public service drivers to comply when the new regulation comes into effect.