PF government has neglected the Health Sector

Dear Editor,

May I start by thanking you for the good work you have been doing for mother Zambia. You are our only existing voice and news mirror for the happenings in our country.

I am a health worker at the district level. I joined the civil service under the Ministry of Health, at the district level. With the coming of the Patriotic Front government, all the District Health Offices were moved to Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.

Unfortunately, this move has brought the District Health Offices on their Knees. There has been poor, erratic, and inconsistent funding of these offices charged with the responsibility of running health posts, health centres and hospitals. For example, this year so far, all the districts have received only 26% of the expected funding from January. Only two monthly  grants were received out of five monthly grants so far. As if that is not enough, the money is also less, almost half the expected grant.

Consequently, the people managing these offices are at pains running the poorly funded health delivery service offices. They have been plunged in debts, water disconnections, power disconnections, loss of staffs, and poor general conditions. As if that is not enough, a lot of people have died in these hospitals due to failures to refer them to bigger hospitals.

Additionally, these offices rarely receive medical supplies from Medical Stores. Imagine where drugs and other supplies which are supposed to be delivered in the first week of the month, or just monthly, and then are not delivered. Now how do the hospitals attend to patients? How can the sick people get healed?

My reasoning here is that in these offices, we do not understand why the money which is reflecting in the yellow book cannot be used for the intended purpose? In the event where we do not receive it, where does it go? And then, if really the PF government has intentions of making people’s lives better, is not funding them the way to better them? How do the sick get transferred during referrals?

Fellow Zambians, we have had enough, and we have analysed things in this country and we can assure you that we are going nowhere. Even the subsidy issue is a non starter as these old men and women running this govt have no technical know-how on running even a small retail business. They have failed even to prioritise a key sector such as health. But then they see by elections, a blotted cabinet, a fake first lady’s office, and many other useless things as priorities.

Finally, I think as Zambians, let’s see to it that we do not vote for this party again. Yes, we are paying for our mistakes, but we have time to reverse this wrong of voting for old muppets who have no vision and knowledge of the technicalities of running the whole country.

May God Bless Zambia!!

Chibamba Michael
Concerned District Health Officer