PF Government has created more than 50 000 jobs since 2011, President Sata tells Livingstone voters

President Michael Sata has said the Patriotic Front (PF) Government has created more than 50, 000 jobs in the country since it assumed power in September 2011 contrary to assertions that his administration has not fulfilled campaign promises.
Mr Sata said opposition political parties were claiming that the PF Government had not fulfilled its campaign promises but the truth was that more than 50, 000 jobs had been created since September 2011.
He was speaking in Livingstone at Villa Grounds yesterday at a public rally to drum up support for PF candidate Lawrence Evans.
“They (opposition parties) are telling you that the PF Government has not fulfilled our campaign promises. What promises are they talking about because we have created 50,000 jobs, we have created Zimba, Pemba; we are constructing roads, and we will bring more development here if you give us an MP,” Mr Sata assured the residents.