PF Ex-Mayor accuses govt of removing subsidies to fund bloated Cabinet

BIG ONE 1Patriotic Front (PF) member and Former Chingola Mayor McDonald Mulongoti has accused his government of removing subsidy to fund the bloated number of ministers.

Mulongoti said the government wants to be using the money saved from subsidy to fund by-elections, the new districts and the cabinet.

He alleges that government has not budgeted for the new districts and wants to use the same money to fund their operations.

Mulongoti said this when he called on a live phone in programme on Radio phoenix, Tuesday morning.

He also expressed disappointment with President Sata’s u-turn on the size of cabinet which he promised to reduce once assuming office.

Mulongoti said when the President took office in 2011 many stakeholders were happy he had reduced the size of cabinet but noted that he has increased it to become the largest ever.

The Former Chingola Mayor has since urged President Sat to revisit his promise and cut down on the size of Ministers.

On corruption, Mulongoti said President and the PF have failed to deal a named District Commissioner who is involved in illegal land allocation when they are very much aware.